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Welcome to Don Logan’s Fortress of Superstructure.

Are you intrigued by all things deemed “toxic” in our controlled “public discourse”, that nauseating descriptor regularly deployed by our well-schooled managerial class of do-gooders, sob sisters, and despisers of the past (or that which held sway for the entirety of human history across civilizations prior to the 1960s)? Furthermore, do you feel, or know, that there is an inverse relationship between toxicity, as decried, and its significance in the efflorescence of the so-called Good Life? Do you suspect you may be living in Negativeland, where up is down and Black is white, or really, just about everything is anti-white (more on this later – for the Haters)? Do you detest the shallow, uncritical egomaniacs that sprout from the chic urban salons to proffer their supposedly enlightened vision of a globally harmonious LEGO-land, easily constructed, if only the lowly rubes…

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